Audio Connectors

G&H Industries designed BigFoot (model #BF2P) in 1986-1987. The assembly was designed to address the concerns of users of existing phone plugs and can be used by all serious musicians and audio equipment operators, when extremely reliable ¼” connections are required.  BigFoot’s predecessors were not designed to withstand the rigors-of-the-road life of the active professional musician, nor the day-after-day abuse in the typical audio installation.  Musicians stand on, stomp on, trip over, wad up, and make like miserable for their cables, seemingly as a way of life.  With our first customer requested was a mechanically superior connector that was easy to solder (both in production and on the road), that would be reliable over several years of use.  G&H Industry’s phono plugs gained international recognition through its unique solid ground audio plug design. Its durable and reliable oxygen free copper core conductor allows for a superior clean signal transmission and can be easily recognized by the trademarked COPPER TIP.

Abbatron’s acquisition of G&H Industries in 2010 expanded its high performance audio connector and cable assembly product lines to a new level.