High Voltage Insulators

  • Abbatron High Voltage Insulators are ideal for high-voltage, high-temperature standoff and/or feed-through applications. They are not intended for high-vacuum or hermetically sealed use, nor with heavy shear loads.
  • Temperature ratings recommend Steatite safe operation to 1800°F (980°C). Cushion washers may further limit operating temperature.
  • Voltage ratings are specified under clean, dry conditions only. Moisture and/or dirty will de-rate up to 50%.
  • Nominal operating current, limited by hardware size, shown for AC, 60Hz, 10°C rise.
  • These insulators are made from Grade L-5 Steatite per MIL-I-10E. Hardware is nickel plated brass except for solder lugs, which are tin plated. Cushion washers are "Champak", compressed paper or cork.
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