Test Leads

Abbatron test leads are precision-made interconnect wire devices for temporary attachment of wire leads between equipment and circuitry.
  • Prods are made of tough, flame-retardant ABS which resists deformation and cracking under the most severe service.
  • Finger-grip grooves and a generous guard washer prevent accidental contact with live conductors.
  • Prod tip is removable.
  • The probe tip is unique in that it serves several purposes:
    • It is a precision .080" phone tip for insertion in standard tip jacks.
    • It has a specially formed sharp tip for insulation piercing.
    • A special groove at the front lays over solid wires without slipping.
    • An 8-32 thread at the base allows attachment of standard adapters (such as alligator clips), which maintain the integrity of insulation to the prod.
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