GH Dual Banana Plugs

The Dual Banana Plug to use. The new G&H Banana, is the only dual banana plug to use. It's a whole new approach with 30 A current capability. The lantern spring contacts wont break and provide lower contact resistance. The wire termination uses a nut and washer to clamp the wire (that's right no little screws). It accepts crimp on terminals so that even 8 gauge wire may be terminated. Two slots provide for easy strain reliefing, The profile allows 1/2" diameter wire to be terminated and still fit two side by side in the back of your amp.

Dual Banana Plug:

  • BNN-BG - Black Body, Gold Pins
  • BBN-BN - Black Body, Nickle Pins
  • BBN-RG - Red Body, Gold Pins
  • BBN-RN - Red Body, Nickle Pins
  • BBN-BLG - Blue Body, Gold Pins
  • BBN-BLN - Blue Body, Nickle Pins
  • BBN-OG - Orange Body, Gold Pins
  • BBN-ON - Orange Body, Nickle Pins