Printed Circuit Test Jacks

  • Double entry design, probe inserts at either end of jack. Accepts probes no larger than .084", contacts down to .074". Closed bottom construction keeps jack from fouling with solder or flux. Locking ears hold jack firmly to board until soldered. Precise dimensions allow automated assembly to boards.
  • Body is molded nylon per MIL-P-20693.
  • Beryllium copper spring.
  • Mounts into .052" holes.
  • Data
    • Insertion force: 30 oz. max.
    • Withdraw force: 8 oz. min with .080" probe.
  • Ratings: Operating voltage is 1500 volts, 60 CPS RMS sea level. 350 volts, 60 CPS RMS at 50,000 feet. 5 Amp AC max. current rating.
  • Contact resistance: 20 Millivolt drop maximim at specified current at 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Color: Add color number as suffix to part number:
  • -101 White-102 Red
    -104 Black-104 Green
    -105 Blue-107 Yellow
  • This part is similar to MIL-C-39024/11A. Other contact finishes are available as special order in quantity from the factory.
Specification Filters:
Board Thickness: