Part No.: 251

Insulated Banana Jack


  • This fully insulated banana jack is designed for secure cable mount via solder or crimp assembly.
  • The machined brass body is tin plated for maximum ease of lead-free solderability.  This banana jack is fully insulated with nylon 6/6 cap and handle; available in red and black.
  • This design is suitable for test lead or patch cord extension where long leads are required.  Accepts standard banana plugs.
  • Rating: 15 Amps AC for 10 degrees C continuous temperature rise, continuous dute.  Voltage 1KVAC.

Product Specifications
Type: In-Line
Head Diameter: 7/16
Head Height: 15/64
Body Length: 29/32
Thread: 1/4-32
I.D.: .161
Insulation: Nylon