BigFoot Series

BigFoot™ plugs will spare you the embarrassment, time and cost of having to make repairs to your audio system at an inopportune time (or any time) due to plug failure. That translates into lasting value. You can be assured of many years of fail-safe operation.

Standard 1/4" Connectors. Available in 2 and 3 conductor versions.

  1. Has an inner assembly that is press fit and staked into place before assembly, ensuring mechanical and electrical integrity for years.
  2. Uses nylon insulators that are moldable, consistent, and more dimensionally stable.
  3. Uses a filleted area between the shaft and nut portions of the sleeve, so stress is distributed over a larger area of the assembly.
  4. Has a copper tip/conductor that not only provides the maximum in conductivity, but also is stretchable and can be bent back to its original shape, with NO loss of performance.

Please contact your authorized Abbatron representative for more information.

We offer XLR plugs with advanced enhancements in sound quality performance. The male XLR plugs use Tellurium Copper pins which has 4 times the conductivity over brass. The female XLR plugs have Beryllium Copper sockets which have almost 3 times the conductivity over Phosphor Bronze. These materials will give you a much better signal flow and neutrality.